Product list 2024

Essentials bigger packs better value
Turmeric 175g

The best grade, bright orange like the good stuff should be. No dodgy colourings such as sulphur etc just 100% fresh turmeric. 

Coriander ground 160g

freshly ground coriander from smaller seeds for the best flavour and aroma 

Cumin ground 175g

Ground cumin from the best quality seeds. 

Medium curry powder 175g

The essential curry powder freshly blended. 

Hot red chilli 150g

It’s hot !
use a half teaspoon 

Kashmiri chilli mild 150g

100% true Kashmiri mild chilli to add colour to your curries 

Methi leaf 50g

Freshly dried with that unmistakable aroma of the good stuff

Tandoori 200g

The best tandoori ! 

Paprika 150g

Spanish grown the best grade with a lovely colour and flavour. 

Bir mixed curry spice 175g

Freshly blended every week 

Cumin seeds 200g

Top grade this seasons cumin seed

Mild Bassar mix powder175g

Bassar blend, hand blended from 12 spices, this one is a mild ish curry powder that adds balance to your curry’, use a teaspoon near the start when you’re putting your other ingredients in. 

Tikka blend 175g

Our own blend tikka, use 6 teaspoons to 750g of chicken with 2 tablespoons of yoghurt for the best tikka you’ll ever taste. 

Chilli con carne 175g

Our famous chilli blend. Use 3 teaspoons, it’s hot stuff. Hand blended from a Mexican recipe. 

Parsley 50g

A big tub, most supermarket jars are 7-10g this is 50g English grown with lots of flavour 

Italian herbs 50g

Oregano, marjoram, basil, garlic, salt and parsley.
The essential Italian blend for your pasta dishes, nice on pizza too. 

Chinese curry powder 175g

The easiest curry on earth my old China !
chop and onion and fry until soft, bash and chop a garlic clove, grate some ginger, tomato purée and once cooked add cold water, the curry powder and stir, once it reaches boiling point it’ll thicken up. Then in with the cooked chicken, char Sui pork or prawns, a few frozen peas and sultanas if you’re weird that way or want to go back to the days when you could sit down without a sharp intake of breath and a groan and you could trust a fart…Those days come to us all ! 

Ground Spices and masalas
Bottle masala Magic Mix by Derby Dave the one they’re all talking about

This comes in a tin, screw top to keep very fresh. An extraordinary spice blend blended in house to a secret recipe. This is the one taking the curry world by storm. Comes in two tins, bottle masala enough for 20-40 servings depending on whether you do 2 and a bit teaspoons or the full five. This comes with a tin of finishing spice added towards the end a half to one teaspoon. 

Whole Mace

Mace blade finest quality sourced from Sri Lanka absolutely superb mace 10g 

Chinese 5 Spice

Freshly blended 50g 

Curry Powder Madras Hot

Goes with veggies, meat and fish a universal curry with some heat from the cayenne 

Curry Powder Mild Jamaican

A taste of the Caribbean 50g even when we’ve got no sun or crystal blue sea. Imported from Jamaica the real deal 

Born to be mild curry our Irish blend

Part of our four nations curry specials this one is in homage to our friends over in the Emerald Isle, a light hearted curry with a glint of fire coming from a mild chilli. This works very well with all veggies, fish, seafood, lamb and chicken and a pint of the black stuff.

Curry Powder London blend Medium

Our best seller, great flavour. Use with anything.  

Curry Powder Korma

A nice fragrant mild curry 50g

Curry Powder Vindaloo

We all love vindaloo...even when there’s no footy 

Garam Masala

50g of this Spice, great blend with clove, coriander and ginger and other stuff, hand blended.  

Punjabi Garam Masala

Awaiting stock 

Ras El Hanoute Blend

Translates to top of the shop...the spice vendors best spices 50g 

Rogan Josh Masala

50g of a medium curry a restaurant favourite 

Thai 7 Spice

50g of the famous seven 

a must for any Thai cooking 

Tandoori restaurant blend

Our famous tandoori only available from me. My best seller 60g enough to do 8 legs or two birds 

All Spice Pimento Mexican Ground

Ground pimento berry, it does what it says in the tin...taste like all, bitter, sweet, peppery ! 30g 

Tikka Masala

50g mix with yoghurt and marinade then have as is or add to your curry for extra oomph ! 

Cayenne Pepper

Proper cayenne freshly ground, a medium hot chilli with lots of flavour 50g

100% pure premium cayenne not a blend. 

Celery Ground

Great for soups and stews 50g of freshly ground powder

Extra Hot Chilli Powder Indian

If it’s heat you want this is the one, a half teaspoon is’s not supermarket rubbish..,this is proper hot 40g 

True Cinnamon Ground

The real deal, grown in Sri Lanka formerly Ceylon the very best there is 50g

Cinnamon Ground (D)

Cassia cinnamon for curries and cakes...I love cake 🍰 50g 

Cloves Ground

Ground cloves 25g grown in Madagascar, love that film ! 

Coriander Light Ground

Ground from the best small seeds lighter in colour and very fragrant 50g 

Crushed Chilli 3-4mm India

Indian hot chilli flake 50g

piquant flavour with a nice heat

Cumin Ground India Pure

The freshest ground cumin 50g never any old stuff at my place. 

Celery seed

Indian grown celery seed 50g 

Garlic Flakes

 50g very garlicky great to add to anything and ideal for garlic’s the future 

Garlic Granules 40/60

Garlic flakes, large slices roasted a lovely flavour 50g 

Ground bay leaf

Ground bay leaf for soups, curries and stews 25g 

Ground Fenugreek

The secret ingredient in a good curry or Middle Eastern food 50g

Garlic Powder

Very fine powder 50g

Ginger Ground Nigeria

A lovely hot ginger with that proper taste and smell, very far removed from supermarkets offering 50g 

Mace Fine Ground

Ground mace blade for savoury or sweet dishes 25g

Mustard Yellow

yellow mustard powder 50g 

pure mustard seed and nothing else 

Onion Powder India

Very fine powder 50g

Turmeric Ground Gold

Top grade gold turmeric , almost orange in colour like the best should be 50g

Vanilla Pods Madagascar bourbon grade A

grade A gourmet variety 

Soft and moist with plenty of pulp.  

Chicken Fry Hot & Spicy

Our famous Davetucky chicken fry 150g it’s amazing ! 

Beef & Pork rub

A lovely rub for all meat and can also be put into mince when you make proper burgers. 50g 

Chilli Con Carni Mix

No fillers or flour, salt or sugar this blend is so good I sell it to restaurants 50g 

Celery Salt

Celery sea salt fine grade 50g for soups and stews also lovely on cheese on toast. 

Moroccan Harissa

A nice and spicy blend for all African cuisine 50g 

Pizza Herbs

Not just for pizza also works with pasta , breads and sauces. A pot full of the freshest dried Italian herbs. 

Vietnamese curry

Ca ri ga !
back in naan…A delicious medium heat yellow curry.  

Garlic Salt

Roasted garlic sea salt 50g 

Onion Salt

Roasted sweet onion sea salt 50g 

Kosher salt medium grain

200g of the purest salt 

Fine grain Himalayan pink salt

Fine grade pink salt 200g 

mineral rich salt 

Himalayan salt medium grade

For salt mills , pink salt crystals 200g 

Donner kebab blend

No queuing...or fighting if you live somewhere rough ! Donner kebab spice 50g 

Spanish paprika

Finest Spanish paprika our most popular spice grown in the la riva district renowned for the best paprika in Spain 

Smoked paprika

Hungarian wood smoked paprika 40g  

Sweet paprika

The very best Hungarian sweet paprika for soups and stews 50g 

Hot paprika

A hot variety of paprika very similar to a Kashmiri chilli but a little sweeter, great stuff yo pep up a tomato based sauce.

Kashmiri chilli

A mild chilli used for colour and flavour, genuine mild Kashmiri not mixed.  

Saffron Spanish 1g

Top grade Spanish mancha coupe saffron 1g 

Saffron 4g

The very best grade, lovely bright red strands with an exceptionally strong aroma

4g pack Spanish coupe saffron


Our new spice 


A full bodied madras with depth, a little fire and a lot of magic ! 

Available for a very limited time 50g use between 3-5 teaspoons for a curry for 3-4 people 

Pilau rice seasoning

Punky’s pilau 50g

A blend of 19 herbs and spices creates this masterpiece so you can create yours. The best rice ever ! 

Kitchen King Masala

A blend of 21 different spices and herbs use a half teaspoon to wiz up your curries. 

Reshampatti chilli flake

A medium hot chilli with a similar heat to cayenne. Adds colour and heat. Nice on fried eggs too. 

Durban African curry

Kashmiri chilli, scotch bonnet and cayenne make this red curry a bomb on a plate. Great flavour with a bit/lot of heat. Bunny Chow uses this spice ( No, you don’t use a bunny !... beef, lamb or pork and sweet potato, give the bunny a carrot instead ) 

Bassar blend Hot ! 60g pot

An all purpose Blend for curries, soups, marinade etc. A hot and Spicy masala traditional in Pakistani and Bangladeshi cuisine.

Bottle Masala by Derby Dave with screw top tins the original !

For a very limited time unless it sells really well ! This will come in a screw top tin to retain freshness. Please be patient when ordering, this takes ages to prepare. Each tin contains enough spice to make 3-4 curries for 3-4 people so approximately 16 servings in total if going for the hot version, if you prefer it milder but with flavour you can just use 3 teaspoons instead of so it’ll make even more. 

very time consuming to make it contains 38 different herbs and spices all pre roasted so this takes no time for you lot. 

A traditional Goan recipe using four varieties of chillies and rare herbs such as Mugwort, rare spices…Stone flower and cobra saffron . 

This comes in a screw top tin and is in two parts the main bottle masala and a finishing spice in a separate tin with a further 14 spices. 80-100g in total depending on herb and spice density.

Really easy to make, just add and forget no faffing…that’s already been done through the blending and roasting stage ! 

Jubilee Coronation Chicken Spice mix

A 50-60g pack of our born to be mild curry blend, one of our eldest blends this has been used in kitchens the world over since 1948. Legend has it that the blender came to the U.K. after the 2nd world war and made it his home after serving as an engineer with the Royal Navy...Missing the taste of home he began importing spice and this has been a best seller ever since. 

Derby Dave’s Bottle masala refill pack

You’ve got your tins and have run out of the famous bottle masala, so here’s the refill option to save you a bit of loot 💰 …The same blend but in a flat pack, 80g of bottle masala + 20g of the finishing spice. 

Derby Dave’s Bottle masala Trade pack pre approved restaurants only please

Trade size 

250g of bottle masala and 50g of finishing spice, freshly blended. For pre approved restaurants or customers with the BM addiction. Please message before purchasing please, this is not available without approval. 

Keema spice

New blend !
Keema spice re blended to make it really easy. Mince does not need to be boring. Use 3 teaspoons with 500g of whichever mince you like. Enough in each pot to do 3kg 

Phaal curry Volcano blend our hottest 50g

Our hottest blend !

Whole Reapers and Naga chillies are freshly ground and then added to selected spices to get a delicious flavour so it’s not just bloody hot but bloody tasty too.
Use 4-5 teaspoons added to fried onions, ginger and garlic and a few fresh green chillies… just because ! 

Highlander Scottish blend X X X HOT !

A nod to our Scottish heritage, this curry is as hard as nails and will always leave you wanting more. Lots of Fire and a Bonny flavour. This is a hot one so if you’re a southerner it’ll make you cry like a big girlie !
use 5 teaspoons for a curry for 2-3 people, best with lamb, Scottish beef or an English chicken 😊

Bhuna spice classic Indian style

A highly spiced dish, lots of flavour without lots of heat. Made with Kashmiri chilli, finest grade paprika, black pepper, garam masala, coriander and a host of other spices. Use lots of onions and tomato for this indian classic. 

Star anise

This seasons star anise, very fresh. 

BIR mixed powder 200g

A pre mix powder for base gravy or to add to your curries for extra flavour. The very best freshest spices go into this mix

Chicken 65 spice

A hot and delicious blend for an Indian fried chicken, this stuff is great in a kebab or for a starter.
75g pack, enough for about a kilo of chicken. 

Mistry hand blended Garam masala 30g

Based on a secret recipe passed down through generations this is not available anywhere else. Contains 17 spices and shedloads of the finest saffron. 

Mr Naga Hot chilli Pickle

Mr Naga

The famous hot chilli Pickle

190ml dated February 2024 just in.
Limited stock

Mr Naga pickle

The famous hot pickle. 

Sri Lankan / Ceylon Roasted curry

Imported from Sri Lanka this roasted curry has a full bodied flavour and works very well with fish or fowl. A very quick curry that needs no prepping. Just add it it doesn’t need to be cooked out. Ideal for instapot or slow cooking recipes.

Ricardo’s special tikka

Formerly the Dirty Birdy extra special Tikka masala, especially made for all poultry this works well with fresh or leftovers. 

Secret Satan Christmas Special

This is a twist on secret Santa. A devilishly hot curry presented in a special tin. Each contains 75g of a very hot curry for all of those naughty boys and girls 😂

Butter chicken masala 50g

The nearly famous new blend by the one and only Derby Dave. Hand blended by an Elf in deepest Derbyshire 

Derbados Daves Caribbean blend mild

A cross between a curry and a stew. A blend of herbs and spices for something completely different. add Chillies for a kick.
ideal for chicken, pork and veggies. add potato to thicken the sauce and you’ve got a complete one pot meal 

Char Sui rib blend

Those red ribs or red pork that go into the special rice. This is the stuff. Marinade overnight this pot will do a kilo 

Louisiana BBQ

Give some flavour to chicken, burgers or ribs this stuff is mighty good. 

Japanese yellow curry

A mild curry for ramen noodles it’s lovely stuff. Use 5 teaspoons 

Ricardo’s special tikka big tub 150g

The best tikka masala...In the world ! 

Katsu Kurry blend

The easy Japanese curry with a medium heat, fry an onion then add a heaped tablespoon of spice to a half pint of chicken stock, bring to the boil and then add pre cooked ingredients such as chicken or pork. If using fish this can be added in raw and cooked in the sauce.
60g pot. 8-10 servings 

Art Masala a Nadiya Hussien blend

50g pack of this universal spice. Hand blended. 

The deluxe Indian spice kit 15 of the finest spices

Whether you’re new to cooking or an old hand isn’t it time to upgrade those old spices. Each order contains the very best grade spices and herbs and are packed in small quantities.

Indian bay leaf three vein. freshly ground coriander, ground cumin. Kashmiri red chilli powder. Hand blended garam masala. Top grade gold turmeric. Ground cardamom. A hand blended curry powder blend. Green and black cardamom. Indian black peppercorns. Kasoor Methi. Raw cashews no salt. Cloves and Cassia cinnamon bark. The very best you’ll ever buy outside of india. 

Full size tubs to make loads of different dishes approximately 500-600 g in total. All in reusable and reusable pots and not crappy bags that go all over the place. Packed on the day these take a while to prepare so please be patient. Turnaround time is 5-7 working days ( excludes Saturday and Sunday ) 


Curry in a hurry 10 pots of hand blended spices

Massive value !
Pack of ten different curries of our choosing a lucky dip if you like. tikka, vindaloo, tandoori, phaal, korma, bhuna, Venkat, Japanese, Chinese, Sri Lanka, Vietnamese, Jamaican, jalfrezi etc etc etc Save at least a fiver on normal prices. 

Awesome April selection 10 for a tenner

It’s BBQ time 

The better weather is coming !
ten easy spices and seasonings for meat, fish, veggies and chips. 

BBQ seasoning, chicken wing, onion seasoning, garlic pepper, caribbean seasoning, fajita, shawarma, rogan josh blend etc etc. hand blended spices with recipes. 

only available through April 

Achari masala

An indian spice blend for pickles and adding a pickled flavour to curries etc. lots of asafoetida powder to give flavour.  

Black Pepper Corns
Black Pepper Cracked 18 Mesh (Coarse Ground)

50g pack 

selected Indian peppercorns pre ground coarse grade 50g 

Ground Black Pepper (Fine)

Indian top grade very fine ground pepper 50g 

White Pepper Corns

White whole peppercorns a pungent pepper 30g 

Green Pepper Corns

Green whole peppercorn 25g 

Five Mixed Pepper Corns

Finest mixed whole peppercorns 50g black, white, pink, green and all spice for a Caribbean flavour 

Four Taste of Pepper (Four Mixed Pepper Corns)

Our most popular blend 50g 

black, white, pink and green 

Mignonette Pepper A

The best white, black, coriander and all spice whole peppercorns 50g 

Mignonette Pepper B (Cracked Black Pepper)

Freshly blended coarse 50g

traditional mix of 50/50 white and black pepper 

Rose Pepper (Pink Pepper Corns)

The very best rose peppercorns from Brazil 25g 

Black whole peppercorns

Brazilian black pepper, hand picked top grade 50g

Garam Masala Kashmiri

50g if our Kashmiri variety, lots of cardamom and coriander in this one. 

Barbeque Seasoning rub

Rub onto anything except your white shirt ! 50g of our freshly blended bbq spice...if the sun ever comes out 

Cajun Seasoning

From the Deep South this Louisiana favourite 50g Cajun chicken is just wow 

Caribbean Fish Seasoning

Boring fish ? Not with this stuff, just sprinkle on for a bit of Caribbean magic 50g 

Chipotle chilli flake

Add to anything that requires some heat and smokiness 30g 

Chaat Masala

A blend of 11 spices including black salt and amchur. Add to almost everything for that Indian touch. 

Portuguese seasoning

Yummy seasoning rub good for anything including chicken, fish or meat and veggies too. Paprika, garlic, cumin, mustard, celery , salt, onion and chilli 40g 

Chicken Fry Seasoning dcfc

Our herby fry mix 200g 

18 herbs and spices used , can also be cooked in an air fryer or oven. 

Everyday Seasoning India

Everyday 50g 

sea salt and spice add to chips, chicken or kebabs 

Red Pincho

From Argentina a popular dish at family gatherings, mix with chicken breast and grill serve with salads and cubed roast potatoes 50g 

Cajun All Purpose Seasoning (Char-Grill Cajun)

Smoked Cajun blend great with ribs, beef or chicken slow cooked 50g 

Fajjita Seasoning

Easy fajita 50g 

just add a teaspoon or two 

Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

Who you calling a Jerk...this is the one 50g 

Hickory smoked salt

Instant smokiness for burgers or veggies 50g 

Lemon Pepper Seasoning

Lemon oil and freshly coarse ground black pepper 50g 

Mediterranean Seasoning

Onion, garlic, tomato, paprika and herbs this stuff is lovely mixed with olive oil and then coat chicken, chops or veggies. It can also be sprinkled on cold salads, beans and potatoes 50g 

Mexican Seasoning

Tex mex seasoning for a quick fix...Ariba ! 50g 

Pilaf Rice Seasoning pilau

Punky’s pilau rice blend 50g

proper nom nom nom ! 

Piripiri Seasoning

A restaurant favourite but it’s so easy to make your own 40g 

Creole seasoning

A New Orleans favourite this is the King...creole blend 50g 

Steak rub

A sprinkle of this will make your steak moo, bring your meat to life with a bit of this 50g 

Smoke house rub

A bbq flavour that you can do in the case it rains 40g 

Thai Stir fry

Thai stir, add to bean sprouts, carrots and peppers this has got all the flavour and some heat going on 50g 

Onion Bhaji mix 200g

No fuss, the complete mix.

Contains gram flour, spices, salt, fenugreek, mustard seeds, onion seeds and coriander just add onion…Done ! 

Celtic salt Sel Gris 200g

Organic food grade Celtic salt from France. Lots of health benefits. 

Chinese chip shop gravy

Back to the 80’s and 90’s with this one 

Chinese style gravy and chips is the dogs !
mix 6 heaped teaspoons to 250ml or half a pint of cold water, heat and stir then put it all over hot thick chips and a battered sausage or even battered fish if you’re a weirdo!
Each pot will make 3 portions 

Chinese chip shop cuwwy

Proper chinese Chippy ‘Cuwwy’ 

This isn’t the usual rubbish, retro all the way. Boil a small onion add 6 heaped teaspoons to a half pint of cold water and then heat and stir, add a few peas, some cooked chicken a few sultanas and then have it with chips or rice. A quick tea ! 

Herbs and whole spices

As nice as fresh English grown 


Rosemary the go to herb with lamb or roasted veg 


For cooking or tea very good for the memory hence the expression old sage when describing a wise person....I Best Buy a lorry load ! 

Thyme Morocco

Thyme, certainly, half past eight ! Sorry can’t help myself sometimes. 

Tarragon French

Nice and sweet french variety try this with chicken it’s just oooh ! 

Whole Spices garam masala

Cinnamon, cloves, cumin, coriander, cardamoms whole garam masala blend for roasting and grinding 50g 

All Spice Pimento Mexican

Whole pimento berry 50g 

Cardamom Black

Whole pods 25g they give a smoky flavour 

Caraway Seeds European

Best variety very fresh 50g 

Cardamom Seeds

The little seeds from inside the green pods already done for you 25g 

Celery Seeds

Finest Indian 50g

Cardamom Green Bold

Green cardamom pods 10g approximately 50pods 

Cinnamon Quills 6” Sri Lanka

Finest Ceylon cinnamon 6 inch quills x 4 

Cinnamon Sticks Tuj

Cassia bark this season 100g 

Cloves Whole

Indian coves 20g this years crop

Coriander Seeds India

Large seeds India 50g 

Cumin Seeds Indian

Green cumin, very fresh Indian grown 50g 

Black cumin seeds

The black cumin, very hard to get 50g 


Green fennel very fresh 50g 

Fenugreek Seed

The must have ingredient for Punjabi and Bangladeshi food, the secret spice 50g 

Juniper Berry

Croatian grown finest berry for gin or cooking 25g 

Mustard Seeds Brown

Another key ingredient, very good for flavouring oil before cooking or as a temper at the end 50g 

Mustard Seeds Yellow

Yellow mustard, for home made mustards and curries, stews etc 50g 

Nutmeg Whole x 5

Sri Lankan grown whole nutmeg x 5

Onion Granules 8/12

Kibbles onion finely chopped for soups or stews 50g 

Onion fried 100g

I use these all the time, a proper time saver pre fried to a golden brown 100g 

Onion Powder

Very fine, nice on anything 50g 

Onion Seeds Black Kalonji

Nigella seeds 50g 

Pinenuts 50g

Russian grown organic pine nuts 50g for pesto or roast and add to slalad 

Poppy Seeds Blue-European

For bread making and curries 50g 

White poppy

Adds a nice nutty flavour to curries, make into a paste 50g 

Sesame Seeds Black

Open sesame ! 50g 

Sesame Seeds Natural

Close sesame 50g 

white sesame seed 

Panch phouran Bengali five spice

A blend of five seeds 

cumin, fenugreek, onion, mustard and fennel 

A must for lentils, potato and samosas 

Curry leaf air dried

Dried curry leaf. An aromatic leaf used for curries and rice etc 

Methi leaf / Fenugreek leaf

This stuff makes your curry smell and taste like the dishes from the best Indian restaurants.

Oregano Turkish

A nice and strong oregano with bags of flavour. 25g 

Greek oregano

Slightly milder, used in kebabs and soups etc 20g 

Mexican oregano

A must for those Mexican dishes this has a mint element that you won’t find in standard oregano 

20g tub 


Chive rolls, great flavour more than standard chive leaf. 

Mixed herbs

For soups, stews and sauces. 20g 

Indian bay leaf 3 vein

Indian bay are totally different to normal bay they have a cinnamon flavour note. 10g sent in a flat bag so they stay whole. 

Bay leaf

Turkish grown, a nice aromatic bay leaf 15g sent out in flat gripseal bags so they don’t end up in tiny bits. 

Kalapasi, stone flower, dagar phool

the missing link...Secret ingredient to enhance flavour.
10-15g pot you only use a pinch 

Herbs and miscellaneous

Pure powder for cooking or medicinal use 50g 

Gluten free, typically used as a thickener for sauces etc. 

Citric Acid

Food grade citric acid 50g 

Cream of Tartar

Pure 50g 

MSG Fine

Msg unami flavouring 50g 


Very fragrant Italian grown 

Bay leaf Indian

Tej patta three vein bay leaf from the cinnamon family totally different flavour to normal bay leaf 

Bay Leaves

This years best Turkish bag approx 100 leaf 

Bouquet Garni Sachets

Five bags of bouquet garni satchets 

Chervil German

Chervil, sometimes called french parsley a pot full 

Chive Rolls

Chives from the stem, add to cheese or mayo 

Coriander Leaves English

English grown a lovely flavour 

Dill Weed

Unmistakable fragrance this dill is so nice 

Herbs de Provence

Oh la la ! mon ami. 

fresh blend of this french classic 


Turkish grown sometimes called wild oregano, this is hand picked 


Grown in Egypt the best for tea or cooking very fragrant 

Mixed Herbs

Bung these in any soup or stew it’ll soon lift it up 

Oregano Turkish

The best seller nice and strong 

Oregano Greek

A little milder than the Turkish variety, this is the one you want for your kebabs 

Oregano Mexican

Coarsely chopped with undertones of mint 

Like potters cleansing herbs
Cleansing herbs 200g

Our own blend similar to potters . bigger pack 200g order more for postage discount, you only pay one price. 

Cleansing herbs 100g

The very best natural herbs to help you go in the morning. Take a half to one teaspoon in a little hot water, strain and drink just before bed. Use for 14-28 days if symptoms persist see a health professional.

Cleansing herbs 500g

The best value trade pack 

one post cost so buy more than one if you use it often. 

Tandoori Tikka and Kebab
Tandoori restaurant blend 50g

Our fabulous tandoori to make chicken taste just like the posh restaurants 50g will do 8-10 pieces. 

Restaurant Tandoori Blend 150g

The big pack for those addicts to our tandoori. The best ! 

Tikka masala 50g

Flavour that chicken with our outstanding tikka spice. Take your curries to the next level. 

Tikka masala 150g

Big pack. Let’s have a party like Boris ! Bring booze. 

Donner Kebab 50g

Just like the kebab house but without the fight !
Use with mince or chicken breast. 

Shawarma kebab Turkish

A kebab from Turkey with Middle Eastern spices of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, black pepper, oregano and chilli.

Mix 4 teaspoons with Greek yoghurt add chicken pieces and marinate for a few hours. Grill or air fry and serve with salad and pitta bread. 

Ricardo’s finest tikka masala 500g

Catering pack

Another exclusive blend made in house by Derby Dave himself from a secret recipe by the great Ricardo himself . This spice can be used to make a superb dry tikka or to make the famous tikka masala sauce. 

Tantalising Tandoori

My new easy tandoori minimal marination and nothing needs to be added. Mix 6 heaped teaspoons to 1 tablespoon of oil and 2 tablespoons of water. Mix well and cover. Ready to cook in 30 mins. Similar to our restaurant blend but this contains extra garlic, ginger, coriander, a little salt, pepper and lemon. We’ve added the extras for you to make this blend absolutely Eejit proof ! 

Kofta spice 60g

The essential spice mix for minced lamb. Based on a Turkish recipe this is the real deal. 

Dried chillies Whole, Powder and Flakes
Reshampatti flake 40g

A medium hot fruity number very popular in India. Use on breads, salads and sauces 

Aleppo flake 40g

A beautiful red chilli from Syria with notes of sun dried tomato very mild , great on salads and eggs. 

Kashmiri red 50g

Our most popular mild chilli adds great colour to sauces 

Kashmiri yellow 50g

A slightly hotter cousin to the red used when you don’t want the red colour such as creamy sauces and veggie dishes 

Scorpion red powder 25g

Bloody hot 🥵 

Scotch bonnet powder 25g

THE chilli for any West Indian food it’s da bomb 💣 

Isot Turkish pul Biber 50g

A black chilli with a little sweetness going’s my weakness ! Beautiful with bean salads etc. 

Whole Naga 10 pods

Naga ! World famous hot chilli

These are sun dried and grown in the proper Indian region with the best climate and soil 

Reaper whole 10 pods

These even smell hot 🥵 

Sun dried small pods of fire 🔥 

PASILLA whole 4/large pods

Translates to little raisin a must in Mexican chillies 🌶 

Laal mirch 15 pods Methania chilli

A lovely red chilli to give heat and colour to special dishes. 

Extra hot red India powder 50g

Missing some heat in your curry not with these bad boys. Specially selected for heat and then powdered. Hot ! 

Naga flake 20g

Very hot flakes made from the fruit and the seed should carry a health warning ⚠️ 

Guchgarru flake 40g

A mild Indonesian chilli used for kimchi etc, very fruity and quite mild 

Chipotle whole 10 pods

A smoky chilli with a medium hot heat profile 

Jalapeño whole 8 pods

A hot sun dried chilli from Mexico 

Habanero whole 6 pods

A nice hot Mexican chilli with lots of flavour going on 

Sun dried 

Guajillo whole 6 pods

A large red chilli used in salsa for heat, flavour and a lovely redness sun dried 

Scorpio whole chilli 8 pods

A very hot chilli 1.4 million on the Scoville scale sun dried 

White chilli 25g

A very hot peppery chilli a total sneeze machine these, use with caution. Adds no colour so is for creamy sauces 

Ancho 4 pods

A large medium heat Mexican chilli purple in colour and full of antioxidants slight smoky flavour sun dried 

Mulato chilli whole 4 pods

A medium sun dried chilli almost black in colour a nice rich chilli from Mexico 

Arbol whole 10 pods

A small thin chilli with a medium heat profile used in Mole sauces 

Achiote seeds / Annatto

Achiote seeds add a yellow colour to many Mexican foods imparting a slight peppery taste and bitterness. Seeds are soaked and ground before use or grind and mix with a little oil and make a paste. 

Whole masala
Biriyani or pilau 100g

The finest whole spice blend for really fresh biriyani masala.
Dry roast and then grind. 

cumin, cardamom, Indian bay and lots of other spices make this a job worth doing. 

Garam masala whole 100g

Blended to a traditional recipe these seeds are just wow, only the most superior seeds are used.
Well worth a little effort just dry roast and grind once cool. You’ll never buy packet stuff once you’ve had this. Except my packet stuff that is ! 

Mixed pot cardamom, cassia, chilli and cloves

A mixed pot containing spices that you need but are only used sparingly so you don’t want loads , this pot contains black and green cardamom pods, cloves, hot chillies and cassia bark. 

Dabba’s and Balti bowls
Size 11 Dabba with spices the most popular size

High grade stainless steel Dabba 7 compartments with spoon and 7 spices packed on the day of sale included.

kashmiri chilli




methi leaf

glebe kitchen restaurant blend

and garam masala 

Balti bowl 15cm

Standard one portion size 

Balti serving bowl 17cm

17cm stainless steel 

Balti bowl 19cm

Stainless steel 19cm 

Middle Eastern spices
Sumac 40g

A herb that adds a citrus note. A must have, a little goes a long way. 

Za’atar green

A mixture of herbs, nuts, chickpeas and seeds. Imported so the real deal

Za’atar Lebanese 40g

With chickpeas, herbs, peanuts and sumac.

mix with olive oil and serve with warm breads and cheese 

Aleppo pepper flake 40g

A mild chilli with a sun dried tomato note, great on anything especially eggs, breads and kebabs. No cooking required it’s ready to go. 

Isot chilli pul biber 40g

A smoked black chilli flake that goes with salads of any type, rice, bean, potato etc. 

Blue pea flower tea
Blue pea flowers for tea or Gin ! 50g

Have a read up on these remarkable flowers they are exceptional for health benefits and make gin go a lovely colour too. 

New in stock
Kashmir curry blend

An exclusive blend using cardamom, clove, cumin, cinnamon, genuine Kashmiri chilli and saffron. A mild to medium curry designed to be made in a pressure cooker, all you need to do is chop an onion or buy the frozen ones like I do, everything including garlic and ginger is in the mix…easy ! 

Organic Beluga lentils 500g limited stock one per customer

500g pack of black lentils certified organic. Limited stock 1 per customer 

Howdy Cowboy Ranch seasoning

Parsley, dill, tarragon, onion, garlic, chives, black pepper and sea salt. Just mix with low fat mayo and Greek yoghurt for a dip or add milk or buttermilk to make a salad dressing. 

Derby Dave’s Special blend

For BBQ’s sprinkle on anything to give a flavour explosion contains onion, garlic, sea salt, cracked black pepper, mustard seeds and mild chilli, can be used as a rub at the start of cooking or sprinkled on at the end instead of salt etc. 

Larger packs
Garam masala 150g

Aromatic garam masala , freshly blended 150g 

Turmeric Gold 200g

Grade A 

The very best, almost orange in colour it’s the best. 

Coriander 150

Ground coriander freshly ground pre roasted, great aroma 

Hot chilli 150g

Indian hot…Does what it says ! 

Kashmiri chilli 150g

100% Kashmiri, a mild chilli to add flavour and colour 

Cumin ground 200g

Freshly ground grade A 

fresh and vibrant 

Mild curry 200g

A smashing blend this one. Blended in small batches using the very freshest spice. 

Fenugreek leaf 100g

Methi leaf 

The secret ingredient, make a curry taste and smell like a curry 

BIR mixed powder 200g

For base gravy it for adding to your British Indian curries. Freshly blended and packed on the day of sale. 

Chilli con carne 200g

The big pack of our Mexican recipe Chilli con carne blend. Superb flavours use 3 teaspoons per 500g of main ingredient.
Chop and fry a medium onion add garlic and then brown the meat. Add tomatoes a little salt and then 3 teaspoons of chilli con carne blend. Add a stock cube and cover, let it slow cook and finally add the beans. 

AI mix powder 150g

From a recipe by a great man…We all know who it is !
youtube star and #No1 curry chef.  

BIR mixes
Glebe kitchen restaurant blend 60g

From the great man himself, this restaurant blend. Use one teaspoon to bring depth to your curries. is a great page to lead you on your curry journey take a look 👍

Base gravy spices 60g

A blend as used by the best British Indian Restaurants for the base gravy. We only use the very freshest spice in our mixes and only ever pack on the day to ensure you get the absolute amazing flavours of freshly ground spice. 

Tikka mix

For giving that chicken lots of flavour before adding to curries, it’s so nice that when you pre cook you won’t be able to help yourself and you’ll end up scoffing some…Do extra ! 

Special Derby Dave Masala’s
Dirty Birdy Christmas spice

New !
For Christmas leftovers or any type of poultry you have.

A rich tikka masala hand blended especially for Turkey.
50g pack which will do at least 4 curries for 4